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Tashi Khangmar Sambrub Ling


Under the spiritual patronage of Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering, TKSL is a school of Buddhist Science with an emphasis on philosophical teachings relating to the nature and workings of consciousness/cognition; the way things exist; and the difference between how they exist and how they appear to us.

The purpose and benefit of the study is to help us understand how our minds work so that we can bring them under our control and thereby lead happier lives.

Find us at

16 Brookes Street,
Bowen Hills, Brisbane


There is no on-site parking.

There are commercial parking stations on O'Connell Terrace and the Brisbane Showgrounds, as well as on-street parking in the surrounding area. King Street Parking Station (off Machinery Street) currently has a special of three hours' free parking after 5pm on weekdays and all weekend.

Public Transport

The Bowen Hills Train Station and Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Bus Station are both only a few minutes walk away.

Contact us

E-mail: tksl@goodfortunetrust.org
Phone: 0415 157 339
Post: P.O. Box 1227, Spring Hill, QLD 4004

This Week's Schedule

Monday 10 June: Lam Rim Chen Mo: From Philosophy to Practice with Pema at 6.00pm
Tuesday 11 June: No classes or pujas
Wednesday 12 June: Altruism: the root of happiness with Tsewang at 6.00pm (Zoom only)
Thursday 13 June: Exploring the Mind with Pema at 10.30am
Friday 14 June: Tara Puja with Chodron at 4.00pm
Friday 14 June: Entering the Middle Way: Refining our Understanding with Pema at 6.00pm
Saturday 15 June: Practical Reasoning and Debate Training with Pat at 1.00pm
Sunday 16 June:
 No classes or pujas


A quick word about Mind and Mental Factors

Khensur Rinpoche recently gave this short teaching on the importance of studying Mind and Mental Factors to students in Israel.


There are many teachers who have taught and continue to teach at TKSL since it began in 2008. Our current teachers are listed below.

Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering

Founder, teacher and patron, Khensur Rinpoche began TKSL with the intention of benefiting both Buddhist and non-Buddhist students by educating them on the basis, or how things actually exist. Topics Rinpche has recently taught include Lam Rim Chen Mo, Entering the Middle Way and Practical Reasoning and Debate. See Rinpoche's biography here.

Venerable Tshering

Tshering has been Khensur Rinpoche's attendant and translator for more than 20 years, and is one of the original teachers at the school. She has taught many subjects, including the very popular Tibetan classes and Logic for Dummies.

Venerable Tsewang

Tsewang is a long-time student of Kensur Rinpoche. She is a graduate and former tutor of the Buddhist Studies Program at Chenrezig Institute. Tsewang also shares translation duties with Tshering.

Venerable Pema

Pema is the manager of TKSL, and teaches the Thursday morning class, currently Exploring the Mind.